The Marriage of Mabel Kate Harris and
Albert Ernest Walters, 1909


Mabel Kate Harris was born in about 1877 in Holwell, Dorset, England. She is the daughter of Alban Harris and Fanny Keevil. Fanny Keevil married Alban Harris in 1872. Mabel Kate Harris is our 2nd cousin twice removed.

Albert Ernest Walters was born in about 1846 in Stourton Caundle, Dorset.He is the son of Arthur Walters a farmer from Drayton, Berkshire, England

From a newspaper cutting - 1909, Stourton Caundle, Dorset

Marriage of Miss Mabel Harris and Mr Albert Walters


A very pretty marriage took place in this village on Wednesday at St Peter's Church, the contracting parties being a well known agriculturist's daughter - Miss Mabel Kate Harris, and Mr Albert Ernest Walters of Dumworth Farm, Aldworth, Berks.

Miss Mabel Harris who is the the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Alban Harris of this village, has won the championship of both the London Dairy Show and that of the Bath and West Society's Show, besides many premier honours for butter making. Miss Harris, who has always been greatly respected, has been a teacher in Sunday School for a long time.

Mr Walters, the bridegroom, who is also well known, is the fifth son of the late Mr Arthur Walters of Pebworth Farm, Aldworth, Berks.He is very popular, and is also a Quarter-Master-Sergeant in the Berlks R.H.A.

The ceremony was fixed for one o'clock, but before this hour a large number of the villagers had congregated round the church gates. A beautiful carpet of a rich crimson hue had been laid from the church doors to the gates for the bridal party.

The bride who entered the church leaning on her father's arm, was attired in an faux ivory satin charmeause Princess dress, with a beautiful Court train trimmed with lace and pearls. Her head was adorned with a wreath of orange blossom and heather, and she wore a veil, which was lent and previously worn by her Mother, also a diamond brooch, the gift of her mother, and a golden bracelet, the gift of her sister (Miss Lilian Harris). She carried a beautiful bouquet of lilies of the valley and roses, the gift of the bridegroom.

Two little children, named Master Stanley Terrell and Miss Veta Harris, acted as train bearers. The bridesmaids were Miss Lily Harris (sister of the bride), Miss Alice Walters (sister of the bridegroom), Miss Sybil Knott and Miss Valerie Keevil, who were beautifully arrayed in semi-empire dresses of pale blue oriental satin, trimmed chiffon scarves, and past embroidery, and picture hats of blue satin straw, with clusters of a la Fance roses, and large velevet bows to match, and wore gold brooches and carried bouquets both being gifts of the bridegroom.

Mrs Alban Harris, the mother of the bride, wore an amethyst moire dress, trimmed with lace and passmenarie, with a hat of gauged velvet and feathers.

Mrs Ernest Harris wore an empire dress of rose pink eolieune and a large black picture hat.

Mr Jack Smallbone ably carried out the duties of best man.

The service was fully choral, the beautiful hymns "The voice that breathed o'er Eden", "Oh perfect love" and How blessed was the call" being splendidly rendered by the choir and congregation. The ceremony was performed by the Rev C.E. Seaman, of Stalbridge.

The villagers had lined the sides of the church path, and as the happy couple appeared they were greeted with showers of rice, confetti etc, and as they drove away the energetic best man hurled the “lucky shoe” after them. As the newly-wedded couple left the church the bells were merrily rung. The reception was held at the Schools and Brownsell Farm. The pathway leading to the schools was also covered with carpet.

Amongst the numerous guests at the reception were :- Mr and Mrs A. Harris, Miss Harris, Mr and Mrs E Harris, Gibbs Marsh, Mr and Mrs Harris, Horton, Mr and Mrs H Harris, Siltou, Mr and Mrs Broad, Mr and Mrs Rice, Stourton Caundle, Mr and Mrs Andrews, Mr and Mrs Lucas, Miss Sorrell, Haddon Lodge, Mr Mrs and Miss Keevil, Mr and Mrs Heard, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Terrell, Mrs E Farrell, Mrs Andrews, Mr D Brown. Mr J Smallbone, Mr Lock and Mr and Mrs G. Andrews.

The photos of the bride, bridegroom, bridesmaids and also the guests, were taken by Messrs Clarke & Sons of Stalbridge.

The reception was most admirably catered for by Mr C. A. Ford of Sherborne.

The honeymoon is being spent in London and Brighton. The bride’s going away costume was a Rose-de-Borrie empire gown, with hat to match, also a long fawn and fox furs, the gift of the bridegroom. The happy couple received shoals of congratulations in the shape of telegrams and letters.

A dance and supper were held in the schools in the evening, a large number being present.


  • Bridegroom to Bridesmaids – Gold brooch and bouquets
  • Mrs A Harris – Oak dining room suite, household linen and a sapphire and diamond brooch
  • Mr A Harris – cheque
  • Miss L Harris – 400 day clock and gold bracelet
  • Mr and Mrs E Harris, Gibbs Marsh – cheque
  • Miss Velia Harris, Gibbs Marsh – copper flower pots
  • Mr and Mrs Heard, Althorne – silver cake basket
  • Mr and Mrs E Harris , Horton – oak tantalus spirit stand with silver mounts with fitted cards and glasses
  • Mr and Mrs Harris and Family, Weston – case of silver tea knives
  • Mr and Mrs Robinson, Lewes, dining room picture in oak frame
  • Mrs and Mrs Keevil, Salisbury – dinner service
  • Miss V Keevil, Salisbury, cake doyles
  • Mrs Bone and Mrs Farrener, London – silver sugar bowl and sifter
  • Miss Read, Cardiff –teapot, hot water jus and stand, afternoon cloth and doyles
  • Mr A Spicer, Bishops Caundle – Wedgewood Jug and handsome needlework
  • Miss Butler, Taunton, celery glass in silver stand
  • Mrs Lucas, Taunton, silver and glass sugar dredge
  • Mr and Mrs Lucas, Enborne – case of dessert knives and forks
  • Mr and Mrs Rice, Stourton Caundle -case of fish knives and carvers
  • Miss Serrall, Haddon Lodge – silver rose bowl
  • Mrs Hessey, Salisbury – work basket
  • Dr Coulson, Templecombe – oak dining room clock
  • Miss Knott, Sturminster Newton – case of silver serviette rings
  • Mr and Mrs Terrell, Stoke –under-Ham –suspending dining room lamp
  • Mr and Mrs Harris, Kingsdon – flower glass
  • Mr and Mrs Sidney Hunt, Fifehead – silver sugar bowl and sifter
  • Mr V Hunt, Manston – silver butter knife
  • Mr and Mrs Broadway, Weston – silver sugar bowl
  • Mrs C Farrell, Sherborne – bread board and knife
  • Miss Edgar, Alton – silver milk churn
  • Miss Mells, Gibb’s Marsh – silver hot water jug
  • Mr Munford,Yeovil – fruit stand
  • Mr Mullet, Henstridge – silver sugar bowl
  • Mr and Mrs Clench, Stourton Caundle – crumb scoop
  • Mrs H Green, Henley on Thames – piano top
  • Mr and Mrs Andrews, Stour Row – silver sugar bowl
  • Mrs Curtis and family, Stalbridge – silver hot water jug
  • Misses Curtis, Stalbridge – handsome afternoon tea cloth
  • Mr and Mrs Meader Stalbridge – copper tray
  • Mrs D Browne, Sherborne – silver gravy boat
  • Mr and Miss Cox, Shillilngstone – pair of salts and spoons
  • Mr R Grantham – tea service
  • Mr and Mrs Chapman, Sturminster Newton – standard lamp
  • Mr Ryall, Kings Stagg – salad bowl
  • Mr R Walters, Aldworth – handsome settees
  • Mr Horne, Reading – carriage whip
  • Mr and Mrs Roberts, Wimborne – butter knife
  • Miss Miller, Okeford – bread knife
  • The Employees of Brownsell Farm – beautiful silver flower stand
  • Miss Eaton,Chide Okeford – silver syphon stand
  • Mr and Mrs G Andrews, Stourton Caundle – silver salts and spoons in case
  • Mr and Mrs Crouch, Hammoon,silver cake basket
  • Mr and Miss Phillips, Okeford Fitzpaine – sardine dish
  • Mrs Rowland, Stourton Caundle – afternoon tea cloth
  • Mr and Mrs A Brown, Stalbridge – case of silver teaspoons and sugar tongs
  • Mr and Mrs G Meader, Stalbridge - silver mounted flower vase
  • Messrs Lonch, Stalbridge – silver ink stand
  • Mr and Mrs C Moore, Stalbridge – cheque
  • Mr and Mrs Tucker, Taunton – dinner gong
  • Miss Heath , Newbury – pair of salts and spoons
  • Mrs and Misses Keevil, Bournemouth, silver fern pot
  • Mr and Mrs Robert Walters – eiderdown quilt
  • Mr C Bugg, Stalbridge – cheese stand
  • Mr and Mrs T Dawe - pair of salts and silver spoon
  • Mr and Mrs Thompson, Brighton – cheque
  • Mr and Mrs P Walters, Reading – cheque
  • Mrs Walters, Aldworth – cheque
  • Miss Walters, Aldworth – cheque
  • Nurse Mullet –antique teapot and silver top bottle
  • “Sergeants of the Berks Battery” – marble clock
  • G.L.and S.Baker - silver teapot
  • Mrs Walters, Wallingford – cheese stand
  • Mr Farnk Walters – hot water jug
  • Mr and Mrs J Walters – copper kettle
  • Mr W. H. Bradfield – silver caster and two silver salts
  • Mr and Mrs Gillet – tea cosy
  • “Carter Dance” – hot water jug, teapot and stand
  • Mr and Mrs Ivy – pair of engravings
  • Mr C. M. Philliips – eiderdown quiilt
  • Mr Hull – copper kettle
  • Miss L Hunt Wedgewood biscuit barrel
  • Mr and Mrs A. W. Creech – case of silver mounted carvers
  • Mr and Mrs S Harris, Templecombe – case of nutcrackers
  • Miss Bull – silver top hair tidy
  • Mr Short – Shaftesbury trap rug
  • Mr Eavis – pair of horseshoes
  • Mr and Misses Gould – silver sugar bowl
  • Mr F Churchill – butter dishes
  • Mr and Mrs Harris, Silton – salad bowl
  • Mr and Mrs Prideaux – silver mounted oak tray
  • Mr and Mrs Broad – silver candle sticks
  • Mr and Mrs Munday’s family – barometer with clock attached
  • Mr and Mrs Munday – silver spirit kettle and stand
  • Mrs Roberts, Silton – lace toilet set
  • Miss Baker – lace handkerchief, butter cooler and knife
  • Mr and Mrs T.E.Holloway, Mr Aldridge – pair of pictures

Yesterday (Friday) evening Mr and Mrs Harris entertained the whole of their employees in the dairy.