Sarah Holt, 2nd March 1877 - 1962


Sarah Holt

A Life Note by Gillian Long ~ her Grandaughter


Grandma I remember with great fondness. She was such a little lady, but always had a smile; she had a really hard life going into service as a child. She had to stand on a box to do the washing up; she said that the sink was never empty because her tears kept filling it up.

One of her chores was to walk the family dog. It was a Chinese Hairless which had to be smeared with Vaseline to protect it from the elements.The local boys would follow her jeering and calling "she's black leaded the dog".

She loved a game of cards on a Friday night when Grandad had gone to the Legion (next door). Out would come the crackers and cheese, a bottle of cider and the game would begin. When you think that until the later years she didn't have running hot water and never had an indoor bathroom; no fitted carpets; central heating or even a three piece suite.

She outlived two husbands, raised eight children, and almost died in childbirth. When she was in labour with the twins, complications set in. In the days long before the NHS, Grandad threw out the "midwife" and called a doctor, so saving all three. She was about thirty-seven at that time and had already experienced more than most of us do in a lifetime.

Written evidence by Gillian Long ~ Grandaughter

Sarah Holt was born in Farnborough, Hampshire. She was married twice, first to Charles Edward Moss then to Albert Charles Butt . Charles Moss is our first cousin twice removed.

Albert Charles Butt the 2nd husband of Sarah Holt