James Charles Hunt (11 Nov 1884 - 26 Nov 1967)




James Charles Hunt was born on the 11th November 1884 in Stalbridge, Dorset, England, the son of Frederick William Hunt and Jane Hames.

He grew up with his parents and siblings on Yardgrove Farm in Marnhull, Dorset, England.

He emigrated from England on the Armadale and arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on 12 June 1914.

His early employment in Australia started with work as a Station-hand for W. V. Sewell on Sand Springs Station near Geraldton for 12 months ending in August 1916. He then worked as a Wheat Lumper in Geraldton during the wheat carting season, followed by six months as a Stock-hand for Lionel R. Davis on Koogereena Station in Kojarena near Greenough ending in August 1917. By late August 1917 he had left Greenough and was working as a Farmhand in Three Springs

On the 13th August 1918 he married "Lettie" Letitia Catherine Thomas in Three Springs, Western Australia. They had five children - James, Arthur, Frederick, Betty and William.

James Charles Hunt resided in Moora until 1921 when himself, Lettie and their sons James and Arthur travelled to England. They departed London, England on the Ormonde and arrived back in Fremantle, Western Australia on 1st June 1922 .

He then worked as a farmhand for his father-in-law Charles F. Thomas on Kadathinni Farm, and Wheat Lumper in Three Springs in 1923, then went on to become a farmer in his own right in Three Springs from 1924 onwards. His farm in Three Springs was unnamed, however was later named Yardgrove by his grandson Hedley N. Hunt.

He Attended the Three Springs Agricultural Society's First Annual Show held in Three Springs on Thursday 20 September 1928 winning the following awards:

  • 1st prize for Spring Cart Horse in the Ring Events,
  • 1st prize for Middle of Bacon

Attended the Commemoration Dinner held at the Commercial Hotel in Three Springs on Friday 26 August 1932 . The dinner was to commemorate Three Springs having the highest average yield for wheat in the State for the 1931-32 season.

He exhibited in the Fifth Annual Three Springs Agricultural Show on Thursday 22nd September 1932 winning the following prizes:

  • 1st prize for a two year old Draught Gelding in the Horse section
  • 1st for a male Black Minorca in the Poultry section

Attended the Farewell Evening tendered to local pioneer Mrs Blanche M. Koch in Three Springs on 3rd December 1932

Exhibited in the Sixth Annual Three Springs Agricultural Show on Thursday 21st September 1933 winning the following:

  • 1st for Fat Beast in the Cattle section
  • 1st forThree Fat Wethers in the Sheep section
  • 2nd for 2 year old Draught Gelding

In early 1934 he killed 240 rabbits in a short number of nights at the low cost of 6d. through the use of cyanide poison. He mixed two ounces of cyanide with water which was placed where rabbits had previously been drinking fresh water.

Committee Member of the Three Springs Agricultural Society 1934-1936

Exhibited in the Horse, Cattle, Sheep and Grain & Fodder sections at the Three Springs Agricultural Show in 1934 winning the following:

  • 1st prize for pure bred milk strain Bull,
  • 1st prize forThree Fat Wethers
  • 1st prize for Wheaten Hay
  • 2nd for 2 year old Draught Filly

Won 2nd prize for milking strain Shorthorn Bill in the Cattle section of the Three Springs Agricultural Show in 1935

Member of the Three Springs Rifle Club in 1936 and attended and competed at the Official Opening of the Three Springs Rifle Club's rifle range on Thursday 23 July 1936

In about 1960 he left Three Springs and took up full time residence in Wembley

James Charles Hunt died 26th December 1967 and is buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth, Western Australia.

James Charles Hunt is our 1st cousin 3 times removed

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