The Funeral of Mrs Alban Harris, nee Fanny Keevil

Fanny Keevil was born in 1852 in Stalbridge Dorset and died on April 28th 1915 at the age of 59. She is the daughter of Thomas Keevil and Lucy Witteridge.
Fanny married Alban Harris in 1872, they lived at Brownsell Farm, Stourton Caundle.

This report of her funeral was published in 1915

1915 Stourton Caundle

Death and Funeral of Mrs Alban Harris

This little parish has sustained a severe loss by the death of Mrs Alban Harris of Brownsell Farm which took place on Wednesday last week, after a long illness.

With her husband the deceased lady had lived in the parish for a great number of years and she was esteemed by all the inhabitants.

She never took any part in the public life of the village, but she evinced the keenest interest in everything that appertained to the welfare of the residents.

Her elderly neighbours have lost a kind an helpful friend. and the younger generation will also miss the kindly word she so frequently gave.

The greatest loss falls, of course, upon the bereaved husband and family, to whom, inspite of frequent affliction she proved to be the best of wives and mothers.The deepest sympathy is felt fot the family in their great bereavement.

The mortal remains of the deceased lady were laid to rest on Monday afternoon in the pretty little Cemetry which lies almost within view of her old home.

The first portion of the service was held at the village church, at which the bell was tolled before and after the ceremony.

The coffin was borne on the shoulders of the six farm employees - Messrs J.Oliver, H. Bugg, F.Bugg, W. Oliver, A. Light, and W. Williams - and it was met at the church entrance by the Rev. E. H.Fincher (rector), who conducted the service.

After the congregation, which filled the church, had taken their places, the hymn "Christ will gather in His own" was sung with great feeling by the choir and congregation.

Psalm 39 was chanted, and after the Lesson the hymn "On the resurrection morning" was sung. Before the congregation left the church the organist (Miss Clench) played the "Dead March" in soul.

At every residence en route to the Cemetry blinds had been drawn and a large number of the villagers assembled to witness the final scene. The coffin, which was laid in a bricked vault, was of polished oak with brass furniture and bore the inscription :- "Fanny Harris, died April 28th 1915 aged 59 years."

The chief mourners were Mr. Harris (husband), Miss Lily Harris (daughter), Mr. and Mrs. E. Harris (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs.Walters (son-in-law and daughter), Mr Edwin Harris (brother-in-law), Misses Barbara and Kate Harris (nieces), Mrs Keevil (cousin), Mr T Daw (cousin), Mr and Mrs Allan Harris (nephew and niece), Mr. Geoffrey Harris (nephew), Mrs Day (cousin), Mrs Willis (cousin), Mr. and. Mrs G. Broad (cousins), Mrs. Harris (cousin), and Mr.Horace Harris. Amongst others preseent were the Rev. F. K. Hilton, Messrs J. F. Lock, G.Prideaux, C. Bugg, H. Curtis, R. Curtis, P. C. Adams, S. Rice, J. Dare, F. Curtis, J. W. A. Brown, J Weldon, and H. King.

The floral tokens were of a very chaste character, and were from the following:-

"In loving memory from her loving husband and daughter Lily";
"In ever loving memory of our dear mother from her sorrowing Mabel and Albert";
"To dear mother with deepest sympathy from her sorrowing childeren Edith and Ernie. Peace, perfect peace";
"From Miss Serrell with much sympathy and great regret";
"To our dearkinf granny, from her loving little grandchildren, Veta, Keevil, Sammie and Gordon. At rest";
"With deepest sympathy from N. Atkinson. East Meon, Hants";
"In kind remembrance from M. and Mrs. Read";
"A last token of love and deepest sympathy from Mrs Curtis and all at Home Farm, Stalbridge";
"With deepest sympathy from R Sharp, Blandford";
"From Dr. T. E. Conison, Hill House, Templecombe";
"With heartfelt sympathy from Kate";
"With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Walden";
"With kind remembrance from the employees Brownsell Farm. Peace, prefect peace";
"In affecionate remembrance and deepest sympathy from Harry and Lucy, Stalbridge Weston";
"In loving memory from Ernie and Willie";
With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. C. Moore, West Hill";
"With deepest sympathy from Edwin and Fanny Harris and daughters";
"With deepest sympathy from Mrs. J. T. Curtis, Jessie and Sylvia";
"With deepest sympathy from Mr.and Mrs. Luckee, Newbury;"
"With deep sympathy and loving remembrance from Mr. and Mrs.S. Rico";
"In loving memory from Allan and Ada";
"In affectionate remembrance , Effie Read";
"With heartfelt sympathy and ever-loving memories, Mr and Mrs J.C. Keevil and family, Rangers Lodge, Milford, Salisbury";
"In remembrance from Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Chapman R.I.P."

Fanny Keevil
is our 1st cousin 3 times removed