Family Group Sheet

Bryan Voice & Elizabeth Lintott

Husband: Bryan Voice
   Born: 1544 in Horsham,  West sussex
Died: 1632 in Horsham, West sussex
Father: Henry Voice
Mother: Jane Raynescroft
   Wife: Elizabeth Lintott
   Born: 1551 in Horsham,  West sussex
Died: 1619 in Horsham, West sussex
Father: John Lintott
Mother: Elizabeth Michell
01  (M): Ravenscroft Voice
Born: 1568 in Horsham
Died: about 1653 in Buried "an ademan" in 1653
Spouses: Mary Hill
02  (F): Elizabeth Voice
Born: 1584
Died: UNKNOWN in England
Spouses: Thomas Longhurst
03  (M): John Voice
Born: about 1577 in Horsham, Sussex, England
Died: 1628 in England (Husbandman)
Spouses: Mary Ley; Elizabeth Outred
04  (M): Henry Voice
Born: about 1582 in Bapt 1582-Horsham, England
Died: about 1626 in Horsham
Spouses: Anne Tredcraft
05  (M): James Voice
Born: about 1570 in Horsham, England
Died: UNKNOWN in Unknown
06  (F): Mary Voice
Born: 1574 in Horsham, England
Died: after 1615 in Unknown
Spouses: Thomas Shepard; >>>

Additional Information

Bryan Voice:
Baptised: 19 OCT 1544, Horsham
Buried: 01 MAY 1632, Horsham
Fact: 1552, Inherited Ballands from brother Henry
Event 1: between 1544 AND 1632, Lived in Horsham
Fact: 1577, Tenant of Tarring Marlpost

Elizabeth Lintott:
Buried: 17 FEB 1619, Horsham

Marriage Notes
Married: 09 JUN 1566, Horsham, England

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