Family Group Sheet

Maurice Voice & Lillian Stampfler

Husband: Maurice Voice
   Born: 04 JAN 1898 in Denver, Colorado, USA
Died: 17 NOV 1955 in Fife Lake, Mi
Father: Ulysses Austin Voice
Mother: Mary Perhall
   Wife: Lillian Stampfler
   Born: 1894
Died: 1979
01  (M): Victor Steward Voice
Born: 29 AUG 1929 in Fife Lake, Mi, USA
Died: 31 AUG 1929 in 2 days old

Additional Information

Maurice Voice:
Occupation: Operated the Voice Bros.Auto Sales in Fife Lake for 35 years.
Fact: Member of Fife Lake School Board for 18 years
Event 1: 1955, Buried in Fife Lake Cemetry
Event 2: 1948, Kept his father, Ulysses, after his mothers death.

(01) Victor Steward Voice:
Event 1: 1929, Buried in Fife Lake Cemetery

Marriage Notes
Married: 22 NOV 1924

Revised: April 11, 2010