Family Group Sheet

William Heathcote & Caroline Frances Perceval

Husband: William Heathcote
   Born: 17 MAY 1801 in Hampshire
Died: 17 AUG 1881
Father: William Heathcote
Mother: Elizabeth Bigg-Wither
Spouses: Selina Shirley
   Wife: Caroline Frances Perceval
Died: 03 MAR 1835
Father: Charles George Perceval
Mother: >>>

Additional Information

William Heathcote:
Census: 1871, Hursley Park, Hursley, Hampshire
Title: Baronet
Occupation: 1871, Baronet & Privy Councillor
Fact: 5th Bart of Hursley
Census: 1861, Hursley Park Mansion, Hursley, Hampshire
Occupation: 1861, Baronet , Member Of Parliament

Marriage Notes
Married: 08 NOV 1825

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