Loxwood, Sussex, England


Loxwood is a small village with a selection of traditional village shops and several historical houses in the north west of West Sussex, England. The Wey and Arun Canal passes to the East and South of the village and has been restored by The Wey and Arun Canal Society .

The name Loxwood could be derived from a Saxon God called Lokka. Lox is also described as a stream, which is the more likely origin of the name.

Church: Prior to 1757 travel from Loxwood was difficult. Villagers were unable to travel to the church at neighbouring Wisborough Green, so in 1401 permission was sought of the Bishop at Chichester, West Sussex, for a chapel to be built in Loxwood. This original church in the village centre had no room for a burial ground and in about 1900 St John's Church was built to replace this chapel.

The Cokelers: Loxwood was once the centre for a small Christian sect, the Society of Dependents, or "Dependant Brethren" also known as the Cokelers. The Cokelers built their first chapel in the village. The present shops in Loxwood were once known as the "Combination Stores", and these were run by the Cokelers.

School: The school was once held in the building opposite the church. It is now situated in Nicholsfield

Brewhurst Mill: Dating back to 1554, with evidence that there was a mill on the site even before then. A major fire around 1890 destroyed the two upper floors leaving only the existing brickwork. After extensive refurbishment in 1928 it was in use up until the early 1980's.

High Street, Loxwood circa 1900
Loxwood Place, West Sussex Loxwood Place, West Sussex
Loxwood Place c1910 - Our Great Grandparents Henry and Mary Ann Tickner were living and working here on the 1851 census. Loxwood Place c1791
St. John the Baptist Church, Loxwood
St. John the Baptist Church, Loxwood. Church, built circa 1900 to replace the chapel that dated from the 15th century. The stained glass windows are designed and made by Penelope Neave and given by Elspeth Riley-Smith of Brewhurst in memory of her parents and husband.
Flitchwood, Loxwood,West Sussex Onslow Arms,Loxwood
Flitchwood, Loxwood Onslow Arms, Loxwood c 1947 This public house was once a Toll House in 1800
Combination stores run by the Cokelers
The Combination Stores in Loxwood c 1906. These stores were run by the Christian sect The Cokelers.
Loxwood Loxwood Loxwood
Views of Loxwood, photos taken in about 1945

Loxwood was home to our Tickner, Heather and Denyer ancestors and relatives