The Last Will and Testament of Gawin Barry of North Goreley, Fordingbridge, Hampshire. Proven 1591

The fourthe Day of November Anno Domini a thousand fyve hundred nynety and one.

I Gawin Barry of North Goreley in the parrishe of Fordingbridge in the county of Southton and Diocces of Winchester beinge sicke in body but of Good and perfect remembrance thanks be given to God do ordayne and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge that is to say first I give and bequeath my soule to Almighty God my maker and redeemer of whom I first hadye and my body to be buried in the Churche yard of Fordingbridge aforesaid.

Item: I give to the poore monie boxe of Fordingbridge three Shillings foure pence.

Item: I give to the mother church in Winchester foure pence.

Item: I give to the recpardron of my parish Church of Fordingbridge three shilling and foure pence. And to the recpardron of the great bridge there foure pence and to the Leache bridge two pence.

Item: I give to every of my Godchildren foure pence a piece

Item: I give to Edith my mayde servant one heyfer bullocke of two yeares age to be payed or delivered her at her age of Twenty and one yeares.

Item: I give to every of the children of my Daughter Katherine Rede and my Daughter Anne Marshall one bestall a poece and to Jane Rede my goddaughter the daughter of the said Katherins two ewes.

Also I give to the said Katherine Rede toror which is in the handes of John Rede her husband.

Also I give to Barnabie Marshall one yoke of oxen and to Anne his wife one mare and a cotte norse in his handes and to every of the children of the said Anne one erot thread a piece.

Item: I give to Margery Marshall two beeftalles or Standerly of beef

Item: I give to Rauffe Barry my eldest brother one browne mare and all my wearinge apparell. Also I give to the said Rauffe and the said Edith three bee stalles betweene them.

Also I do give to my brother Richard Barrie one bay mare and all of such debts as he oweth to me. Also to his son Gawin Barry tenne shillinges which is in his handes and to his sonne Roger Barry tenne shillinge.

Item: I give to the children of John Elder ofEdmondham my half or parte of one beeftall and to either of them two ewes and to his wife two ewes.

Also I give to my cozen John Barrie Junior, the sonne of Thomas Barry one heyfer with calf or a calf by herside and all such debtes as yo between him and me.

Also I give to the said John Barry all the cropp of corne nowe sowen or herafter to be sowen upon his tenement by me or my executors to his owne -ose and all the said cropp to be cut and carried into his barne by my executors at their charges and in consideration thereof the said John shall serve my said Executors till Michaelmas next not taking anie wages of theam and shall suffer my said Executors to have the herbage of his barkeside till Michaelmas next without paymese any thinge for the same.

Item: Whereas John Rede of Sturton my sonne in lawe as he payeth is nowe lyke to buy the tenementof his landlord to his wife and his childe and therefore towards the buyinge therof as aforesaid I give and bequeath tenne pounds of currante englishe money to be payed by my Executors presently after ach agreement and ffull bargaine as aforesaid with his said Landlord to the say John to healpe him to pay his fyne for his said tenement. And yf he cannot buy the said tenement then I will my executors to keepe the said tenne pounds in their handes untill the decease of the said John and then to pay yt to his wife and Children after his Decease towards theeir findinge and relyfe.

Item: I give to Robert Barry my sonne Thirtie pounds of currante englishe money of which I will that fyve pounds thereof shall be presently Delyvered to his uncle that he nowe dwelleth with and the other fyve and twenty poundes to be putt ot his use by my Executors within one year after my decease till he come to the age of one and twenty years

Item: I give to Marry Barry my daughter one featherbed with all thinges belonginge to yt one brasse pasme one brasse pott fyve platters foure porrengers two sowters and fyve coffers to be delyvered to her at her Daye of her marriage and also thirtie pounds of currante englishe money to be putt to herself within fyve monethes after my decease

Item: I Give to Francis Barry my sonne the cupboard in the hall the seelinge over the bench and the table board now standing in the henole but the same not to be removed from my wife during her lyfe yf she do not marry and got from hentt

Also my will is that yf Katherine my wife so or shall refute or be otherwise evicted from her widow ---- of this tenement any wayes whereby she shall not enjoy her quiet possession during her widowed state that then Francis my sonne shall presently give and paye unto the said Katherine my wife out of his parte of my goodes the somme of twenty pounds of currante englishe money.

Also my will ys that the said Francis shall presently have all the right tytle and inheritance of the said tenement from my said brother Rauffe Barry which he hath uppon trust to have to him the said Francis and his heires forever.

The residerst of all my goodes and cattells moveable and unmoveable not given nor bequeathed the one moytie or halfs thereof I give and bequeath to Katherine my Wife and the other moytie or half I give to Francis Barry my sonne whom with the said Katherine I make joyntly my whole Executors of this my last will and testament prayinge my brother Richard Barry Rauffe Barry and Rauffe Barry Junior my brother to be my Overseers of this my last will and testament giving every one of them fyve shillinges for their paines.

Theise beinge witnessed John Tripporde John Barry J Glover John Barry Jun Rauffe Barry fend with the said Richard Barry and Rauffe noing.

And further my will ys that the said Robert my sonne shall happen to decease before he shall come to the age of one and twenty yeares or br marryed that then the said Legacie before to him given to remayne and come to Mary my Daughter happen the said Mary my daughter to decease before the tyme and terme before mentioned that then the Legacie to her bequeathed to remayne and come to the said Robert and yf both of them do happen to decease before they shall accomplish the said ages or be marryed as aforesaid then the said legacies shall remayne and come to the said Francis Barry, Katheren Rede and Anne Marshall equally to be divided between them