The Last will and testament of Walter Hunt of Stower Provost, Dorset. Proven 1619

In the name of God amen the fifth day of November Anno Domini One Thousand Five Hundred and eighteen.

I Walter Hunt of Stower Provost in the Countie of Dorset yeoman being sicke of bodie yet very perfect of memorie thanks be to God therefore I do Do now think it very fitt and do make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following:

Imprimis I bequeath my soule unto Almighty God and my bodie to be buried in the Parish Church of Stower Provost. And do therefore give unto the said Church Five Shillings Eight Pence current money

Item I give unto the poor of of Stower Provost Six Shillinges Eight pence to be provised within one monthe after my decease at discretion of my executrix

Item: I give unto Thomas Hunt my eldest Sonne all the Righte title and Interest remaynder perpetuitie and Clayme I have of and to the living and tenement in which I knowe I will and allso I give unto my my saied Thomas sonne fyve poundes and twelve pence money in cosideration that he shall discharge and paye fyve poundes and twelve pence yere he to and for a newe cinrca soil Rent m and uppon the saied tenement to be paide my saied sonne within fyve monethes next after my decease provided alwayes and it is my meaning and will that if my sonne Thomas Hunt shall happen to dye before he shall Eane be my issue male of his bodie lawfullie begotten that then all of the righte title interest remaynder perpetuity and clayme I now give and bequeath unto my saied sonne Thomas shall be and remayne unto my sonne Mathew Hunt and the issue male of his bodie lawfullie begotten with the proviso that the executor and assignes of my sonne Thomas shall dis charged and freed of paying the same.

Item I give unto my son Allen Hunt twentie pounds to be paied unto him within one moneth next after my decease

Item I give unto my sonne Mathew Hunt twentie poundes to be paide as soon as he shall attayne the age of one and twentie yeres.

Item I give unto my sonnes Peter Hunt and Richard Hunt thirtie poundes piece to be paide at the age of one and twentie yeres old.

And allso my will is that if either my sonnes Mathew Hunt, Peter Hunt or Richard Hunt shall happen to die before they come to the age of one and twentie yeres that then the legacy or legacys gift of gifts given them or either of them by this my will shall be and remayne unto the Survivoror Survivors of them equallie to be divided

Item I give unto Alice Swate(?) my daughter twentie shillinges to be paied within two monethes next after my decease.

Item I give unto Johane Murrey my daughter twelve shillinges to be paid within two monethes after my decease

Item My will and true meaning is that my executrix which I nowe shall make of this my last will and testamentshall not remove or deface any of --nomdosed or Casements in or about my saied Dwelling House nor remove take away or spoyle any such item sills of househould stuffe -on shoul stuffe implements of Household stuffe or any other commodities as shallbe contayned and under this my last will and testamnent written But my will is that it shall be lawfull for my executrix to make a safe this & not Spoyling it or imbraziling it from my sayed tenement

Item I give unto Nicholas Hunt my brother fortie shillinges to be payed by my executrix at suche tyme or tymes as my overseers shall thinke fitt

All the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Hunt my wife whome I do make and ordayne my whole executrix.

And --the I make and appoint Mathew White and Martin Yeatman of Stower Provost my overseers of this my will. And for their paynes therein I give them twelve pence a piece In witness wwheretofore I have set to my hand and seale

Imprimis All the doors in and about my dwelling house and outhouses --- all cattles in the outhouses and tying for cattle

Item all C--ffost in my sayed dwelling house. Item the seeling in the hall with one longe wyned tableboard and forme

Item in the next chamber and longe lye m over the hall Item three grownter whiches in the lofty Item All nomdosseaves in and above my saied housse

Item Two paves of wholes yron bonnd with one mayne and two Ding lade s fower iron -oopes and six yoafes. Allso one Sullie with Comter share

Walter Hunt signe

Witnesses are theise: William Hodge, John Hendfill his marke