The Last will and Testament of Roger Voice 1555 - 1600

In the name of God Amen The thirtenth Daye of Julie in the yeare of oure Lord god one Thowsand Sixe hundreth. I Roger Voice of Horsham in the Countie of Sussex sick in bodie but of good and perfect memorie thancks be to god therfore doe make publishe and declare this my Testament and last will in manner and forme following

First I yelde my soule into the hands of Allmightie god my bodie I comytt to the earth The disposicion of my worldly goods to be as followeth. I give to the poore people of Horsham Fortye Shillings of Lawfull money of England to be distributed at daye of my buriall by the discrecon of myne overseers undernamed

Item I give and bequeath to John Willett and James Allen the Sume of Twentie pownds of Lawfull money of England to the use and behoofe of William Voice my brother that is to saie the saied John and James be put unto to hyre the said Twentye pownds and to lett my brother have the benefitt therof and the principall Some when theie shall see it most meete to doe him good

Item I give to my Cozen Marye Voice the Some of Twentye pownds To be paied to her within Sixe monethes after my deceasse

Item I give to my cozen Johan Voyce the some of Twentye pounds To be paied to her wth the lyke tyme after my deceasse

Item I give to Henry Allen the some of Five pounds To be paied within the lyke tyme

Item I give to Barbara Allen Five pounds uppon Condicion that theie shall purchase of John Nye gent and his heires to the use and behoufe of the saied parrishe forever those twoe howses which were Latelie recovered from the saied parrishe of Slinfold by concealment provided allwayes that myne overseers hereunder named and the survivors of them shall keepe the said Five pounds in their hands and not make payment thereof till the saied howses shalbe lawfullie conveighed as aforesaied Provided alsoe that the saied purchase to be made within one yeare after my deceasse

Item whereas Robert Fyste and John Fyste of Hitchingfield doe owe to me the some of Twelve Pownds upon an Obligacion I will that if they the saied Robert and John or theire executours shall paie to myn overseers the some of viL within twoe monethes after my deceasse to the use of the poore people of Hitchingfield Then the saied Robert and John and the executors To be discharged of the saied debt and obligac~on of xiiL otherwise myne executors to putt the saied obligac~on in sute and to paye to the saied poore people last above mencioned the saied viL soe soone as by order of Lawe he shall recover soe muche by execuc~on upon the saied obligac~on

Item I give to the makynge of a foote Cawsy between Tanbridge Shovelstile to be servered from the highwaye by a ditche the some of ffive pounds the same to be bestowed by the discrec~on of myne overseers and to be done as spedelie after my deceasse as conveniently maye be

Item I give to everye man servant and mayde servant that shalbe dwellinge in the house of the saied John Willet att the tyme of my deceasse Tenne shillinges a peece

Item I give to the nowe wief of the saied John Willett Ffortie Shillinges Item I give to everie one of the children of the saied John Willett the Some of xxs a peece

Item I give to everie one of the children of the said wief of the saied John xxs a peece

Item I give to my cozen John Voyce the Some of three pownds

Item I give to the twoe dauthters of william coe viz. Thomazin and Elizabeth five pounds a peece

Item I give to the twoe youngest dauthters of Edward Parckhurst of Horsham five pounds apeece

Item I give to Thomas Dungats daughter five pounds

Item I give to my cozen John Steaninge of halehouse in Rudgewook viiL

Item I give to Robert Steaninge my late tenente three pownds all the saied Legacies to be paied wthin nyne monethes next after my deceasse.

The sole executour of this my Testament and last will I make my welbeloved cousen James Voice.

The overseers of this my Testament and Last wyll I make my welbeloved frends the saied John Willett James Allen John Betchcombe and Thomas Betchcombe And I will there shalbe ffortie Shillings bestowed upon my buriall at the discrec~on of myne overseers And I give to everie of my overseers tenne shillings about their reasonable expences when theie shall travell aboute this will

Item I will that William Coe shall have those Lands at Horsham hill nowe in his occupacion soe Long as the yearlye rent as he nowe paieth for the same I give to James Chowles Twentie Shillings

Item I geve to eache of my twoe godchildren viz. Joseph Bayli and Shares daughter Fortie shillings a peece.

And thus the Lord receive me to his endles mercie. In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand the daye and yeare first above written. Roger Voyce.

Wittnes hereunto Ja: Allen no: publiqs John Willett John Cranes al~s Ingrame markes Richad Stradwick.

PROBATUM 4th September 1600